About Us

LandWorks is an innovative, award-winning, Vermont-based firm that has extensive experience in and a commitment to all facets of planning, landscape architecture and graphic design.

Over 30 years of research, experience and successful project implementation provides us with the perspective and proficiency to tackle challenging assignments and produce results. Our creative abilities, technical expertise and orientation to process enable us to promote and accomplish appropriate and engaging solutions to an infinite range of problems for an extraordinarily diverse client base. LandWorks currently maintains an office in Middlebury, VT.

LandWorks has long been involved in and committed to facilitating public processes and client participation in planning, landscape architecture and graphic design. Many of our projects involve methodologies to garner appropriate involvement, input and consensus building that inform and direct project outcomes. As a firm committed to planning with and for the people, this approach is at the heart of our philosophy. We bring objective perspectives to the project process and are adept at interpreting and articulating the shared visions and design predilections of individuals, business groups and communities in both the public and private sector. Often we orchestrate charrette or brainstorming workshop sessions as an integral part of the public planning and design process. These can be effective and even essential undertakings to ensure stakeholder involvement and to cultivate an open process with viable, appropriate and politically acceptable and implementable solutions. In the private sector we understand and respect the opinions and perspectives of our clients and actively collaborate with them to ensure that their visions and goals are met.


LandWorks and its staff believes in integrity as a basis for all it does and all its client and community relations.

Celebrating Diviersity

Diversity enriches the planning and design process, celebrating diversity provides for an inclusive approach to problem solving and visioning.

Respect for Others

Our firm places high value on the opinions and perspectives of others: people with whom we work and collaborate, our clients, and the stakeholders and community groups that we serve.


We provide facilitation, interpretation and participation strategies to our clients and community constituencies. We are literate and articulate professionals.


We believe that community spirit and community involvement is integral to creating healthy societies and a sense of place in our rapidly changing physical environment.


We're conversant and committed the concepts and methodologies of ecological and sustainable design, as well as the precepts of Universal Design -- design that serves the needs of all people, of all ages and abilities.