Alburgh Dunes State Park

LandWorks is the lead consultant for a team of architects and engineers retained by the Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation to design an upgraded day-use facility for this beautiful beach and wetland site. Located adjacent to one of Vermont’s most significant wetland communities, LandWorks has proposed design options that would satisfy the desire to provide enhanced public access to this natural feature while protecting the ecology of the site. Boardwalks and viewing decks using low-impact design methods have been proposed in several locations. The park will also include a number of upgraded amenities, including a restroom/changing area, a picnic shelter, and a natural play area. All structures will be designed to fit harmoniously with the natural environment using natural materials and low profiles. Creative stormwater treatment solutions were proposed, including a rain garden, as a means of making stormwater an educational and aesthetic component of the park. The site presented numerous challenges, including a high water table, potential flooding, sensitive ecological areas, bedrock, and numerous permitting requirements. The work completed to date has garnered enthusiastic praise from the Parks Department.