Colchester Avenue Corridor Management Plan

LandWorks collaborated with Resource Systems Group in the development of the Colchester Avenue Corridor Management Plan. Colchester Avenue is a major access point to and from Burlington, the University of Vermont (UVM) and Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC). It accommodates a significant amount of through traffic and serves adjacent neighborhoods, employees and students. As a very congested area for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, the purpose of the project was to develop multi-modal alternatives that safely accommodate a variety of users. LandWorks had worked with the City, The University of Vermont and CATMA previously to set the stage for this project. Our work included an inventory and overview of existing land use and streetscape conditions adjacent to Colchester Avenue, involvement with public workshops, as well as a review and summary of applicable planning and zoning documents. We developed photo-realistic visual simulations and 3D models to help the public visualize proposed options for a “Complete Street” with bike lanes, enhanced crosswalks, ornamental street lighting, and street trees, and a temporary experimental Complete Streets striping system was installed in the Fall/Winter of 2010/2011. LandWorks also prepared studies for pocket parks to visually announce the gateways at both ends of Colchester Avenue.