Intervale Land Use Planning & Wayfinding

LandWorks was retained by the Intervale Foundation to undertake a land use planning process and develop a comprehensive Master Plan for the land use and circulation system of the Intervale Center and its facilities, amenities, and farming areas. LandWorks undertook a comprehensive inventory of existing conditions and programs, met with stakeholders and designed an effective public engagement process to ensure all voices and interests were heard and incorporated into the planning process. From this effort, a comprehensive Action Plan matrix was to developed to coordinate the efforts and activities of all parties involved in the Intervale Center and its future management operations. The Plan includes overarching “Guiding Principles”, extensive mapping, a Management Plan for the Center’s lands and facilities and sections that address the shared use of the Intervale Road and public lands of the Intervale. Also included in the overall master plan document is extensive GIS mapping, designs for amenities and enhancements, and an extensive appendix with a range of related and applicable documents. Overall, the Plan reflects the Intervale Center’s commitment to stewardship and holistic land planning which respects people, place, culture and history. The Master Plan was approved and adopted by the Burlington City Council in 2007. LandWorks has also been engaged by the Center to develop a comprehensive wayfinding and amenities program, which included the design of a public composting toilet facility, signage, and kiosks to guide and inform the public. Implementation of wayfinding elements began in 2013.