Jackson, WY Wayfinding

In response to a national call for submissions, LandWorks was selected by the Town of Jackson, Wyoming to develop a comprehensive wayfinding system and to assist in transportation planning. We conducted an analysis of the state of  vehicular, pedestrian and public transit travel modes in the Town as well as the identity and environment of the community. This work became the basis for developing a uniform system of pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding and directional elements, including transit shelters and bus stop signing, as well as informational kiosks and a wayfinding map.

Supporting tourism was an important facet of the project’s development to ensure that the millions of visitors who annually visit Jackson Hole and National Parks are well served by the information infrastructure. Other key components of the project included three new gateway areas with  welcome signs and landscape elements, vehicular directional signs designed to incorporate WY Department of Transportation and MUTCD standards and new street signs for the historic town center. As part of the work we created new graphic imagery for the town that reflects its sense of place, its history, and local icons. The first phase of the project was installed in 2008.