Killington Streetscape

As part of a multi-million transportation planning project, LandWorks is currently working with the Town of Killington and Resource Systems Group (RSG) to plan for enhancements at the gateways and along the main routes through Killington. The study area includes the intersection of Route 4 and Route 100, near the Killington Access Road; an area that is the focus for improvements in the Killington Town Plan and that has historically been a location that people travel through without stopping. To help transform the commercial center into more of a village, LandWorks designed gateway signs and banners and proposed streetscape improvements including a raised island along Route 4 at the eastern approach, new sidewalks, new planting areas and pedestrian scale lighting to act as traffic-calming measures. The conceptual plans were unanimously approved by the Select Board in July 2012 and, dependent on funding, are expected to take 3-10 years to complete.