Killington Wayfinding

LandWorks has been working with the Town of Killington and Resource Systems Group (RSG) to transform Killington's commercial center into more of a village. The project's goals are to plan for enhancements at the gateways and along main routes through Killington. As a separate phase of work, LandWorks developed a wayfinding system that would aid in the transformation of the town.

The wayfinding systems includes designs for vehicular and pedestrian directionals, custom street name signs, VTrans alternative directionals, as well as updated graphics for the Town's existing welcome sign. The signs were designed to show off the town’s identity and feature the Green Mountains in a bright graphic along the panel base. They not only direct traffic to key destinations in the area, but also create a sense of place, one of the key goals for the Town. The first phase of the project was installed December 2014.

For more information about the Killington Streetscape Project click here.