Maple Tree Place

Maple Tree Place in Williston’s Tafts Corners is a popular destination for northern and central Vermont. The complex contains retail stores, numerous restaurants, service providers, and business offices surrounding a central green. For this property LandWorks’ developed a Master Sign Plan, based on requirements of the Town and ACT 250 legislation, that incorporated multiple wayfinding signs designed to direct visitors from the main transportation corridors to their destinations. As the facility has changed and grown LandWorks’, has updated the Master Sign Plan to ensure consistency and efficiency within the overall system.

As part of the sign system, LandWorks created a primary entrance and secondary entrance sign. The sign family incorporated a minimally lit tree feature that would be appropriate in scale and appearance and would serve to delineate Maple Tree Place from the other businesses in Tafts Corner. The internally illuminated signs are designed to enhance the area and to change seasonally. LandWorks oversaw the manufacturer and installation of the signs in 2012 and 2013.