Marble Works Rain Garden

In concert with the newly created Middlebury Riverfront Park Project, LandWorks designed and oversaw construction of a rain garden that intercepts stormwater runoff from the parking lots and rooftops of the Marble Works business complex before it can flow toward Otter Creek, allowing it to instead infiltrate the ground. At over 1500 SF, it is one of the largest rain gardens in the state of Vermont. Native plant species were selected based on their functional requirements in terms of water use and exposure, while their aesthetic values in terms of bloom period, color and texture were also considered. Native shrubs provide additional structure to the garden, as well as winter interest. LandWorks secured all the native plants and oversaw their installation by volunteers. Despite the fact that the majority of the plants were low-cost plugs, the rain garden looked remarkably mature by the end of the season. Numerous large rain events had threatened the garden in its first month, but the survival rate of the plants was over 95%. With interpretive signage installed in conjunction with the Let it Rain program, the rain garden serves as both an educational resource and an attractive garden space. LandWorks oversaw maintenance of the garden during its first year, and it has proven to require minimal maintenance since establishment.