Middlebury Riverfront Park

Middlebury Riverfront Park, a joint undertaking of the Town of Middlebury and the Marble Works Partnership, with the assistance of community-donated funds, has become a highly popular outdoor space. A native stone amphitheater facing the historic falls of the Otter Creek provides seating both for organized events and informal outdoor activities such as eating and enjoying the view. The existing slope has been sculpted and revegetated with native grasses and shrubs, providing enhanced slope stabilization and restoration of the riparian ecology. River access was improved, and an accessible path now traverses the embankment to the upper park area, which currently supports farmers’ markets and other outdoor events such as the Annual Midd Summer Festival. Metal trellis structures, with lighting and interpretive signs, were designed to invoke the historic use of the area as a mill yard and serve as focal points throughout the park. A rain garden in the upper park area allows stormwater runoff from the parking lots and rooftops to infiltrate on-site, while also providing an attractive educational feature. LandWorks saw the project through all phases of design, permitting, and construction.

In 2015, this project received a Vermont Public Places Honor Award and was recognized with an award from the VT Chapter of the ASLA.