Middlebury Visitor Services Parking & Interpretive Signage

LandWorks worked with the Town of Middlebury to develop a series of parking directional signs that will give visitors the information needed to access municipal parking areas and to specifically attract drivers and pedestrians to the Mill Street Parking Lot. All signs were designed and placed in locations that would have high visibility and reduce drivers from having to turn against traffic.

The project also included the design of interpretive and historical signs that create a downtown walking tour. The walking tour brings visitors past many historical points of interest in town, including some parts of the Middlebury College Campus. Each of the seven stops along the walking tour is marked by an interpretive sign. The design and look of the sign panels are based on the Lake Champlain Byway standards manual to match existing interpretive signs around the town. The larger sign panels contain a downtown wayfinding map, also designed by LandWorks, with restrooms, parking, walking tour route, outdoor recreation, and various points of historical interest. The smaller panels share historic information about significant buildings in town.