North Branch Nature Center

In collaboration with a local architect, LandWorks conducted facilities planning and developed documents to support a capital campaign at the North Branch Nature Center. NBNC is a special place that had succeeded in “connecting people to nature,” but their current facilities were inadequate for their vision. For NBNC, improved facilities and landscape translate into more support and funding, as potential donors and visitors respond more positively to a facility that reflects its philosophy of sustainability, welcomes people of all ages, and provides a range of environments for learning and outdoor experience.

LandWorks helped lead an extensive public process that resulted in a clear program for both interior and exterior spaces and facilities in response to current and proposed needs and activities. The final deliverable was a “draft outline master plan” that included a summary of the outcomes of the public process and a preliminary illustrative site plan.

After a successful fundraising effort, LandWorks continued work for the second phase in developing a final site plan and construction documents, in collaboration with architects and civil engineers. The final plan includes demonstration gardens, a natural play area, improved lighting, and a reconfigured parking lot with a drop-off area and biofiltration island. The first phase of construction is scheduled for Fall 2016.