Saratoga Springs Wayfinding

LandWorks was selected by the Saratoga Springs Downtown Special Assessment District to provide a comprehensive wayfinding program for this destination city. The committee sought to promote visitorship and enhance the experience of the downtown area, which serves as the area’s historic district and offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors and tourists.

The resulting wayfinding system includes welcome signs, directional signs, and kiosks that contain an area map, business directory, and interpretive information on the City’s rich history. The high-quailty graphic representation of this unique locale was an important component of the wayfinding system and provided an underlying theme for the entire program. LandWorks worked with the Committee, area businesspeople, and the town government to develop the initial program.

As a separate phase of work, LandWorks was recently retained to develop full specifications and construction details for use in building the project. Installation is anticipated to take place in Spring of 2017.