Teton Village Wayfinding

LandWorks has developed a consulting relationship with Teton Village, Wyoming and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort that focuses on master planning, wayfinding and pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The Teton Village Resort District retained LandWorks to address the challenges of a growing mountain resort community and to explore a range of issues from village image, vehicular circulation, bus transit, summer activity options and pedestrian access. In response, LandWorks has developed a comprehensive wayfinding program, a new parking and circulation plan for the resort base area, and new imagery and activity centers for the village itself. Included in our work are a comprehensive new banner program, a system of solar-powered information kiosks, designs for unique activity centers, interpretive information about the Tetons,the history of skiing and the flora and fauna of Jackson Hole. A three dimensional village map that will be used both for planning and wayfinding purposes has also been developed. The designs are derived from the context of the Teton Mountains and Wyoming and the materials and methods employed in the sign systems and activity centers are intended to incorporate the principles of sustainability.