VELCO Lamoille County Project

LandWorks served as an aesthetics expert for the Vermont Department of Public Service in the review and permitting of the VELCO Lamoille County Project (LCP). This project included the proposed installation of a 9.5 mile 115kV transmission line as well as upgrades to existing substations in Middlesex and Stowe as well as a new switching station in Duxbury. LandWorks has most recently reviewed project design alternatives, final engineering plans and the detailed mitigation measures which were part of the Board Order in granting the project a Certificate of Public Good to build the project. The services LandWorks provided for this project included a range of activities such as: on-site analysis and consultation with DPS officials; recommendations for new route locations and refinements of proposed routes; recommendation and adoption of mitigation strategies; citizen outreach and negotiation working with Department officials; design recommendations for structure location, type and screening; review and mitigation recommendations for substation design; collaboration with other state agencies and regional and municipal organizations; and, municipal planning and zoning review.