Vergennes Municipal Plan

In the City of Vergennes, we worked collaboratively with the Planning Commission to completely rewrite their Municipal Development Plan. The city had seen significant  change over the past decade, from extensive renovation in infrastructure to expansion of its commercial and retail base and needed to develop a clear strategy and vision for how this development would continue. The community wanted to maintain, enhance, and preserve the characteristics that make it such a remarkable place to live, work and visit. This comprehensive task required innovative and challenging approaches to assessing public sentiment. The task of developing and administering viable options for citizen participation was more challenging in a community that is as varied and unique as Vergennes, with its history and culture, natural resources, and economic conditions. The process involved monthly planning commission meetings, two community forums, and the development, distribution, and analysis of a citywide survey. Public feedback to the proposed changes was extremely receptive and the Planning Commission formally adopted the plan in 2009. 

In 2010, The Vergennes Municipal Plan was named Plan of the Year by the Vermont Planner’s Association.