Vermont State Parks

LandWorks was retained to develop site plans and details for Vermont State Parks that were in need of updating to address multiple issues and needs.  For Button Bay State Park, we produced site plans to accomplish a number of goals, including the following: improve visual and physical access to the lake, create a harmonious relationship between active and passive recreation opportunities, and increase the range of activities available to a diverse user group.  In addition, we made recommendations for long-term sustainability and management of the park.  For Mt. Philo State Park, our main challenge was to improve the arrival experience at the base parking area by planning for a restroom facility, strengthening the trailhead connection, and eliminating visual clutter.  In analyzing the visitor experience for both parks, we looked at ways to improve the aesthetics of a number of park elements, and out of this work came suggestions for updated standards and guidelines for Vermont State Parks.  In collaboration with Maclay Architects, LandWorks designed a day-use facility for Sentinel Rock State Park, which includes a picnic structure, interpretive signs for the historic building foundations, trailheads, and parking.  The goal for this project was to design a context-appropriate park facility that celebrates the natural features, views, and cultural remnants of this historic farmstead site.