VESCO South Burlington Solar

LandWorks was retained by the developer to provide an aesthetic assessment based on the requirements set forth under Title 30 Section 248 of the Vermont statutes. The proposed project consisted of approximately 383 AllSun Tracker solar panels on 23-acres located in the Southeast Quadrant of South Burlington surrounded on 80% to 90% of its perimeter by wooded buffers of deciduous and coniferous vegetation. The project also included 4 inverters, 2 transformers, underground utility lines and security fencing. Site reconnaissance efforts, review of important public vantage points and scenic and conservation resources, line of sight sections, photographic simulations and travel along local roads all contributed to our assessment.

The services LandWorks provided for this project included a range of activities such as: on-site inventory and analysis; viewshed mapping, consultation with DPS officials; recommendations for mitigation strategies; citizen outreach and negotiation working with Department officials; collaboration with other state agencies and regional and municipal organizations; and, municipal planning and zoning review.

The project was approved by the Public Service Board and installed in 2011.