White River Junction Revitalization Plan

To enhance the downtown environment and attract new investment, commerce and tourism, LandWorks developed a series of recommendations for improvements that address vehicular circulation and parking, streetscape elements, and public open space in combination with an integrated wayfinding and signage plan. In coordination with our work on the Connecticut River Scenic Byway project, improved signage will help to draw potential visitors from the interstate to the downtown and clearly direct them to convenient parking and desired destinations. Kiosks and directional signs then direct pedestrians to the many features of cultural, historic, and natural interest. LandWorks also created design concepts for improving the pedestrian experience with promenades, stormwater gardens, a downtown park, continuous public open space, and recreational paths to the river and adjacent neighborhoods. By involving the local business community and downtown constituencies in the process, LandWorks ensured that the plans respond to the needs and interests of the people who live, work and play in this vibrant and compelling locale.